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Foot Reflexology Play Floor Mat Walking Massage (6pcs)

Foot Reflexology Play Floor Mat Walking Massage (6pcs)

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Material: Plastic

Size: 29*38cm


  • RELIEF AND RELAXATION: This foot massager mat is designed to alleviate foot pain and stress caused by plantar fasciitis using acupuncture, acupressure, and reflexology therapy. Your feet will feel extra refreshed after using this foot massage mat.
  • NEW DESIGN FEATURES: Special uneven massage surface not only fits different shapes of foot arch (which even high foot arch can enjoy) but also gives you a fuller foot massage experience. You can slide your feet around different areas of the mat to get a deeper or lighter sensation. All of the bottoms of your feet can now be massaged.
  • FOR SENSITIVE FEET: Many people with sensitive or ticklish feet seek a great foot massage without intense stimulation to an unbearable point. This foot massager mat has rounded massage points that cover that needs in a user-friendly way. It massages without making your feet overtly stimulated.
  • ENJOY FOOT MASSAGER EVERYWHERE: Due to its lightweight 12 oz, this reflexology mat is super portable and can easily be carried on multiple occasions to enjoy a great foot massage. Whether you are watching TV at home, having kids playing, or working while sitting in your chair, this could be placed under your feet to have a foot massage. Nice and easy.
  • EVERYBODY CAN USE SOME FOOT MASSAGE: This can also be the perfect gift for your friends and family in the upcoming holiday season. We guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction rate, please contact us if you have any problems while using our product.

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