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Sensory & Play

Waterproof Camping Tent

Waterproof Camping Tent

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  • Super classic inner tent design, before and after the open, independent, import, convenient and comfortable.
  • Support type window design, the account is arranged at the top of two ventilation skylights, good air permeability can be opened or closed, convenient and practical.
  • The night will be in the account closed, dampness and rain.
  • The curtain can be opened outside the account, rolled up, and fixed buckle, which is easy to use.
  • Summer in the account can be used alone.
  • The diameter of 7.9MM, high-quality glass rod, lightweight and durable, build and storage are very convenient.
  • An anti-mosquito is a large ventilation window with the top of the tent on both sides to achieve the best effect and air permeability.
  • When the outdoor wind, the wind rope is pulled up to improve the anti-wind fixed tent.



  • Put up the tent in the wild, with the tent nail fixed, thus greatly improving the windbreak tent and can make the inside and outside building a full account.
  • A total of two tents inside the bag can be placed, clothing, mobile phone, and other debris. The convenience of your storage.
  • The top of the tent is provided with a hook and hanging lantern.

Sensory and Play Benefits:

⛺ Tents can be amazingly powerful tools to calm and organize children.

⛺ Our #SensoryandPlay tent is a cool-down spot, relaxation zone, or whatever term you choose. A dedicated space in your home (or classroom) is calming and potentially provides various forms of organizing sensory input when your child is over-stimulated or upset.

⛺ It also provides a psychological cue that it is time to settle down and rest.

⛺ Our #SensoryandPlay tent is big enough to accommodate all your child's sensory needs, such as his/her toys. This can be your child's safe haven.


  • Material: polyester and oxford cloth
  • Storage size: 52*10*12cm
  • Open size: 200*200*130cm
  • Suitable: for 3-4 people
  • Outside waterpoof: 2500mm-3000mm
  • Under waterproof: 2000mm
  • Color: Green and Blue
  • Package Content: 1 x Tent, 4 x Wind rope, 10 x Nails, 3 x Poles

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